The preparations before the wedding of Gabriela and Daniel were great. Boys like boys – a glass of whiskey, a game of billiards and memories of a bachelor party.
On the other hand, Gabriele’s house was full of people. Bridesmaids run from room to room and their guys look at their watches from time to time.

Daniel saw Gabriel in a wedding dress only in the church. His eyes said everything!

The wedding was a pure madnes. It was held in a tent by the lake in the buffer zone of the Wigry National Park. During the day guests could not decide where they want to spend more time – whether in the room with music and drinks or by the lake using the remnants of the afternoon sun.

However, we pay special attention to the outdoor part of our film. Yes Yes. What you will see in him is the castle in Moszna. A mysterious place, hence arousing great curiosity. It’s really wonderful there. We spent almost all day there. The first day.

On the second day, we discovered completely unknown to both newlyweds and Nam, the areas of Cerna Voda. The Czech mountains are captivating. One would like to sit on a stone and stare at the landscape. But not this time! We came here to work. But what a beautiful work … The effect of this beautiful collaboration with Gabriela and Daniel is a film. A beautiful movie.